About Us

About Us

Alberta Boxing Mission Statement

It is the purpose of Boxing Alberta to promote and foster the development of the sport of amateur boxing throughout the province of Alberta. This shall be done through information, education, positive public relations, leadership, and citizenship. It is also the intent of Boxing Alberta to develop its boxers to the height of their potential through self-discipline, confidence, fitness, and sportsmanship. The association will develop all coaches and officials to ensure competence and quality throughout the amateur boxing program. Boxing Alberta will strive to ensure continuity among all registered amateur boxing clubs.

Board of Directors for 2017/18

Lee Tanghe
ritaeb@telus.net C (780) 843-6576
H (780) 849-4731
Past President
Roland Labbe
cvcwest@telus.net C (780) 475-7520
Vice President I
Ginnie Brown
ginnie4boxing@shaw.ca H (403) 273-5024
Vice President II
David Moreau
david.moreau@gov.ab.ca H (780) 471-2510
W (780) 427-4153
Rosemary Page
rosemary.boxingab@gmail.com H (403) 548-6627
F (403) 548-2647
Director of Coaches
Rick Jamerson
 rjamerson@shaw.ca   P (780) 708-3665
Director of Competitions
& Officials

Doug Reti


C (403) 826-0901
F (403) 238-1984
Director of Athletes
John Mendonca
ateam191@hotmail.com H (780) 782-7926
Medical Director
Dr. Shirdi Nulliah
shirdinulliah@gmail.com C (780) 667-3834
Director at Large
Executive Director
Scott Kramble
11759 Groat Rd.
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6
W (780) 427-6515
C (780) 995-0128
F (780) 427-1205
High Performance Prov. Coach
Sylvio Fex
11759 Groat Rd.
Edmonton, AB T5M 3K6
W (780) 427-5466
C (780) 863-1321
F (780) 427-1205