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August Is Alberta Boxing Bottle Drive Month

For the Month of August all Boxing Alberta Member Clubs are strongly encouraged to participate in this bottle drive so that Athletes from their club can be included in trips to compete.

This is a month long bottle drive to raise funds to send only the participating amateur boxers to competitions outside of Alberta with a traveling team.

Lee is targeting the first trip as soon as possible and it may be in the states so Passports for athletes will be needed.

Each club will operate their own bottle drive during the month of August.  All monies raised through the drive are to be forwarded to Boxing Alberta and will be allocated to a separate travelling fund.

Only the Boxers from each club who participate in this bottle drive will be eligible to travel with the Boxing Alberta team.

When remitting the funds to boxing Alberta clubs must fill out the form attached here: August Bottle Drive

Boxing Alberta President
Lee Tanghe

Thank you in advance for your participation.


Big congrats go out to Boxing Alberta coach and Vice President Ginnie Brown and Champion coach Anneliese Reckewitz and all of the volunteers for running the Women In Motion Boxing Camp in August at the Lodgepole Training Facility. 19 ladies attended the week-long training camp.

Thanks for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport of boxing

Lee Tanghe